Rigaud Reine De La Nuit Candle

Rigaud Reine De La Nuit Candle


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Annie on Rigaud, Paris: "This great Paris perfumerie has been a favorite of mine forever. Their scents are truly divine. In the 1960’s they created the first scented candle in their famous Cypress scent. The presentation, then and now, is timeless and stylish: hand-blown glass, red ribbon, and silver cap snuffer…it’s no wonder it was Jackie Kennedy’s favorite candle when she lived in the White House."

Founded in Paris in 1852, the House of Rigaud is one of the oldest and most famous perfumeries in the world. Each candle is made of their signature hand-poured soft wax with a pure cotton wick to ensure a clean, even burn. Here in "Queen of the Night," a light fragrance created around a lavish and mysterious flower.
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230 g of soft wax with a pure cotton wick is presented in a thick glass container, decorated with a hand tied embossed satin ribbon and with a silver metal snuffer cap. 90 hours of fragrance. Scent: A light and sensual fragrance created around a lavish and mysterious flower. A heady oriental scent like an evening melody.

To avoid black smoke, regularly trim and clean the wick before lighting it. It should never be longer than 5 mm. To extinguish your candle, do not blow on it; simply cover it with its snuffer cap so that the wick does not smoke. This elegant gesture extinguishes the flame and avoids excessive combustion.

2"H, 2.5"D3.6"H, 2.95"D5.5"H, 2.95"D2"H, 2.75"D
Weight60 grams of soft wax170 grams of soft wax230 grams of soft wax100 grams of soft wax
Burn Time28 hour burn time60 hour burn time90 hour burn time35 hour burn time

Made in France.


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