OUR AESTHETIC IS ANYTHING BUT ONE-NOTEAnnie creates fully-realized worlds for a wide variety of styles.


Classic Rugs, Bedding, Decor

You can never go wrong with a
classic. I look to the past for the
endless inspiration if offers for
pieces that weather trend after
trend — and still come out on top.
— Annie Selke

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Coastal Bedding, Rugs, Decor

Traditional and tranquil, this
quintessentially American look
celebrates a love of water by pairing
infinite blues with crisp, clean whites.
— Annie Selke

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Colorful Bedding, Rugs, Decor

Color evokes and engenders optimism.
There’s no such thing as overdosing on
blue skies, pink sunsets, red berries,
green mountains, or golden sunshine.
— Annie Selke

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Rustic Bedding, Rugs, Decor

I love how layers of earthy and organic
textures – along with items old enough
to have developed a patinacreate comfort,
warmth, and authenticity in a space.
— Annie Selke

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Bohemian Bedding, Rugs, Decor

Every room tells a story,and these
cultured,eclectic spaces reveal a
sense of joy, passion, and personality.
— Annie Selke

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Modern Bedding, Rugs, Decor

Simple yet stylish, functional
but fun, annie selke modern
embraces the belief that less is more.
— Annie Selke

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Romantic Bedding, Rugs, Decor Styles

Romance isn’t dead! It’s alive and well – updated and refined to be sleek, lovely, and not-so-sweet.
— Annie Selke

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Farmhouse Bedding, Rugs, Decor Styles

A world in which form follows function, this aesthetic highlights informal classics that do the job and look good doing it. — Annie Selke

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