Annie’s Tips For Decking Out The Guest Room

Prepping for holiday guests? Give your visitors a little mood boost by decorating the guest room with some plush linens, cozy accessories, and a few thoughtful touches. Annie doesn’t believe in going overboard with twinkle lights, glitter snowmen, garlands, or other holiday-themed décor in the guest room, so she sticks to these rules when decking out the bedroom for holiday guests.

1. Pile on the bedding

Guest Prep 1

Holiday season could mean time for new linens in your guest bedroom! Think layers, in a variety of textures and seasonal weights and colors. Annie starts with a simple sheet set, which will be comfortable for both hot and cold sleepers. On top, she tucks a comfy throw which can be used on its own for warm sleepers, or underneath a duvet—perfect for those guests who are always cold.

2. Stack up the shams

Guest Prep 2

While guests won’t sleep on these, they not only make the bed look cozy and welcoming, they provide great back and neck support for reading or watching TV in bed. Make sure guests have a place to store the shams—such as an armchair, basket, or trunk—when they’re ready to turn in.

3. Double up on throws

Guest Prep 3

This might seem excessive, but most guests will be too polite to wake you in the middle of the night if they need an additional layer, so skirt the issue by giving them two throws to choose from—one folded at the foot of the bed, and one draped over an armchair or folded on a side table or bureau.

4. Make sure they’re cozy

Guest Prep 4

Hang a luxurious robe on the bathroom or closet door. Nobody likes to waste valuable suitcase real estate with a bulky robe, but who doesn’t love to get wrapped up before or after a shower? Our fleece robes are made of the softest, most snuggly fabric that feels amazing against the skin, and our Harlow and Bennett robes offer more of a unisex silhouette but are just as soft and absorbent.

5. Be prepared

Guest Prep 5

Place a cute tote bag filled with necessities, like freshly washed and fluffed bath towels, slippers, and even a cosmetic case filled with travel-size toiletries, by the bed or bathroom door. Annie recommends including the most frequently forgotten-at-home items: toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner, hand and facial moisturizer, hair spray or frizz cream, cotton swabs, cotton pads, lip balm, and tissues. It’s the little things that reassure your guest that you were thinking of them.

6. Entertain them

Guest Prep 6

On each nightstand, arrange a stack of books and magazines, plus the remote control for the TV (if there’s one in your guest room.) Against the bedside lamp, prop up a pretty holiday notecard with your Wi-Fi name and password, so guests don’t have to track you down for the information.

7. Top it off with a few decorative touches

Guest Prep 7

A sweet-smelling candle or two, some berry branches in a simple vase, a beautiful vintage snow globe, a small wreath or handcrafted ornament hung over the window—all show that you’re going the distance to make your guest’s stay memorable, without cramming the space with unnecessary, stress-promoting clutter.