The Best Lightweight Duvets for Cold and Hot Sleepers

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Are Duvets Hot?

This depends on the weight and material you use! A duvet is filled with down, feathers, wool, or a synthetic alternative, and protected by a duvet cover. Duvets are also the ultimate versatile bedding. You can change out your duvet cover for when you need a style switch, and change out the insert depending on the season. While comforters are cozy too, they are harder to switch out to meet your standard of comfort year-round.

Know your sleep temperature

Typically, there are two types of sleepers: hot sleepers and cold sleepers. If your covers end up in a puddle on the floor, or everywhere on the bed except over you, you’re a hot sleeper.

Conversely, if you pile on the covers and need to feel cozily cocooned, you’re a cold sleeper.

Don’t try to fight which temperature you turn into at night. That’s why we’ve created duvet covers in different weights and fabrics. So rest easy!

Choose your fabric: down, cotton and beyond

The fabric you choose should come down to personal preference, but the quality should always be impeccable. Consider the benefits of each of these fabrics when deciding on your new duvet:


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Cotton fill and linings can vary in quality, depending on the type of cotton used. We recommend bedding crafted from Egyptian cotton, which is the kind we use for our cotton duvet covers. It’s the finest quality cotton due to its long fibers. Because cotton breathes so well, you can comfortably withstand changes in temperature throughout the night.


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If you live in an area with consistently warm temperatures or if you're a hot sleeper, linen bedding and linen duvet covers may be right for you. Linen develops a soft, lived-in patina over time and naturally wicks away body heat to keep you cool while you sleep.


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TENCEL®–an eco-friendly fiber derived of sustainable wood sources from natural forests and sustainably managed plantations. Made in harmony with nature, our TENCEL® duvet covers and quilted coverlets are breathable, wrinkle-resistant, highly durable and silky smooth to the touch. Perfectly crafted for those who sleep warmer, the fiber surface of TENCEL® absorbs moisture and supports your body’s natural temperature regulation, keeping your skin cool and dry night, after night.

Down and Down Alternative Inserts

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Our down inserts, crafted from premium white duck down, come in three distinct weights, for a toasty, toastier, toastiest way to wrap yourself in warmth. We also offer a hypoallergenic, Italian-imported alternative down insert that’s just as dream-inducing.

Choose your weight

Fill power really equals fluffiness! The fluffier the duvet insert, the warmer and cozier it will keep you. Our Hibernation Insert is perfect for our cold sleepers, or keeping you warm during the winter months. Our Savasana Insert is perfect all-year-round. Offering a medium weight, this insert was made for a low-fuss household. Lastly, our lightest weight Chrysalis. Chrysalis will keep you nice and cool—yet cozy—in the summer months. If you are a hot sleeper – especially during summer—you might want to ditch the duvet all together! Trying something like a lightweight coverlet might do the trick.

Ready to get a perfect night's sleep? Browse our collection of duvet covers to find your favorite lightweight options in a selection of weights, fabrics and styles.