How to Make a Bed that Looks and Feels like Heaven

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Use quality sheets for quality sleep

You’ll need at least one fitted sheet and one flat sheet, but you may choose to add a second flat sheet with a cozy blanket or comforter sandwiched in between for more loft. Either way, for a heavenly look and feel, your sheets should be both beautifully designed and crafted from quality fabrics, like Egyptian cotton, lush linen or ultra-soft, wrinkle-resistant TENCEL or Modal. These lightweight, breathable materials will keep you cool throughout the night and can be layered for additional warmth. If you live in an area with frigid winter nights, consider a heavier material for your sheets, like a fine cotton flannel.

Blue Shams

Make a list of what to layer

Here is your list of luxury bedding items to layer underneath and on top of your covering:

•  1 bed skirt or box spring cover
•  1 fitted sheet
•  1 or 2 flat sheets (if 2, the second becomes your top sheet)
•  A light cotton blanket to layer between flat sheets (optional)
•  Your choice of duvet cover, quilt or coverlet
•  Pillowcases
•  Shams
•  Decorative pillows
•  Extra throw blankets

Now to make your (designer) bed

Follow these tips to give your new bed fresh, crisp lines and an exquisite finished appearance:

1. Start with a clean, blank canvas. Clean your mattress pad and freshen up your mattress before dressing it in your new sheets. If you're installing a new bed skirt or box spring cover, remove the mattress entirely so you can easily fit the covering over the edges of your bed frame or box spring.

2. Place your fitted sheet onto the mattress. Pull the sheet taut at every corner to ensure it stays secure.

3. Drape your first flat sheet across the bed. Place this flat sheet on the bed inside out so that any details on the top edge will show when you fold it back. The sheet should reach the edge of your mattress where your headboard is and fall evenly on both sides.

4. Lay a light blanket on top of the first flat sheet. To enjoy the plush comfort of a truly luxurious bed, add a blanket over your flat sheet. Align the top of the blanket with where your shoulders or chest will be while you sleep to enjoy more comfort without excess bulk.

Bedding Starters

5. Cover the blanket with a second, top sheet. The top sheet should align with the first flat sheet, with the top edge coming just to the headboard.

6. Sandwich the edge of the top sheet between the blanket and the first flat sheet. Simply fold the top edge of the top sheet under the top edge of the blanket so it lies flat between the blanket and the first flat sheet.

7. Fold back the first flat sheet you placed on the bed. Right now, the first flat sheet you draped across the bed should still be flush with the edge of the mattress and appear inside out. Fold down the portion sticking out at the top so that the finished edge lies on top of the blanket and the tucked-under top sheet. Flatten the folded edge of the sheet to create a smooth, crisp line.

8. Tuck in the corners. At the foot of the bed, collect all three layers at one corner and pull straight out. The excess fabric will form a triangle. Guide the triangle down and across the foot of the bed to create an envelope look, similar to wrapping a gift. Then, tuck excess fabric tightly under the mattress. Repeat this step at the other corner.

9. Smooth the sheets. Before adding anything else, smooth out the sheets and blanket to remove any wrinkles and create a crisp, clean effect.

10. Drape your duvet, coverlet, comforter or quilt over the sheets. The top of your covering should rest about 3 inches from the headboard. Pull the corners taut and make sure that the sides drape evenly over either side of the bed.

Bedding Types

11. Fold the top portion of your bedding back. Fold the top of your bed covering back to make room for your pillows. How far down you fold your covering will depend on how many pillows you want to add to your bed. The crease should start where the pillows begin.

Folding Bedding

12. Add standard or king pillows, Euro pillows and accent pillows. Arrange your pillows in a style you like. For a luxury look, layer different sizes, textures and styles to draw the eye. We recommend using two or three Euro pillows against the headboard to support the pillows you'll rest your head on. Then, mix and match accent pillows to complete the look you want. Use symmetry and square your pillows for a high-end, buttoned-up look, or scatter your pillows around casually for a softer, lived-in effect.

13. For an added luxe touch, place a throw blanket, bed scarf, quilt or coverlet to the foot of the bed. Whichever you choose, have it cover the bottom third of the bed. Fold yours to the correct size, and then gently lay it on top of your bedding.

Finished Bed

Time to order room service

And now, step back and admire your masterpiece. You’re living the dream of a dreamy designer bed. It will transform your bedroom into the kind found in top-tier luxury hotels. Anyone for room service?