Linen Rug Breeds

• Linen rugs are a great way to add subtle, delicate texture to any floor.
• The rugs are usually low-profile and soft underfoot.
• Linen rugs are ultra-durable.
• Great for moderately-used rooms like bedrooms, living rooms, or guest rooms.

linen flat weave

FEATURES & BENEFITS: Ultra-durable construction.

WHERE TO USE: Use this rug in the bedroom, living room, or guest room.

HOW IT'S MADE: Yarns of linen - spun from fibers of the flax plant - make up the warp and weft of these hand-woven, basic-loom-weave rugs. The stripe runs the width of the rug. Natural color variations can occur.

•  Regular vacuuming and the occasional gentle shake will keep these rugs looking their best.
•  For bigger messes, we recommend professional cleaning only.

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