Bed-Ed 101:How to Fold Fitted Sheets

We can all agree that a little extra room in our linen closets would be wonderful, right? Towels, sheets and bedding get bunched and bulky on the shelves and sometimes it may be difficult to find what you’re searching for. One secret for saving space in your linen closet? Folding your fitted sheets as flat as your top sheets! Read on to learn how to perfect this (let’s face it) much-dreaded task. We promise, it’s so easy!

1. Start by laying the fitted sheet loosely on your bed. Fold in half horizontally, and push the corners on top into the ones beneath them:

2. Fold the sheet in half horizontally again, and then fold it vertically:

3. Now make a gatefold, and fold that over:

4. Smooth it down, and voilà! A folded fitted sheet that’s nicely flattened!

Want to see this task in action? Watch the video here!

Happy folding!